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Youth/At Risk Programs

According to a case study by the US Department of Labor

  • Only 68 out of every 100 ninth graders will graduate from high school on time

  • In large urban areas, inner city schools frequently have drop-out rates of 50% or higher

  • Two-thirds of students leave high schools without the skills to succeed in college

  • About one in every 10 young male high school dropouts is in jail or juvenile detention



Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Counselor

  • The Caring Corral is a certified Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America

  • The Boys Scouts of America now can earn their Merit Badge for Horsemanship

Boy Scouts of America

Spirit Horse

  • This youth program serves students who are known to have at-risk behavior while attending a traditional school setting.

  • Our program implements high standards of excellence that coincides with the student's school objectives and standards.

  • There are studies throughout the U.S. that suggest programs like ours who support at-risk youths are able to create change through kinesthetic approach, positive experiences with horses, and being active in natural environments.


Journey of the Spirit Horse

  • This is an after school program that focuses on volunteerism.

  • Our student volunteers will work with our volunteer coordinator to learn basic barn management.

  • We will hold clinics with local farriars and equine vets so that students have an opportunity to learn basic vet care.

  • This program is devised for students who have shown a sudden change in behavior, but would not qualify for the Spirit Horse Program.    

  • Often, this volunteer program serves as a catalyst for change with supporting positive experiences with horses and being active in a natural, calming environment.

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