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Veteran Programs


Our Veteran programs are designed to assist the military veteran in their adjustment to life after service.  Our personalized approach provides each individual with a unique experience that is therapeutic in nature and aids in the release of stress. 


Caring Warhorse
  • This is a confidential, peer-to-peer, equine-based program to veterans struggling with the effects of PTSD, sleeplessness or suicidal thoughts. 

  • We focus on communicating in the horse’s own language which creates a trusting relationship with the horse and an emotionally empowering experience for the veteran.

  • Classes are held in our arena where veterans are paired with a horse and through a non-traditional program results in a life altering experience. 

Participants learn Natural Horsemanship
  •  Veterans will be taught how to safely handle a horse.

  • The Veterans will benefit from learning the horse’s behavior as well as to evaluate the care and pleasant changes in the horse’s manners.

  • Natural Horsemanship educates the public on horse behavior and being self-aware of your body language aligned with the horse.

Social interaction is encouraged
  • Veterans are encouraged to verbalize their progress weekly to the instructor as a group.

  • The group can share their personal experiences and learn from one another.

  • The instructor will evaluate their progress and provide timely feedback to the participant to help them achieve their goals.

Some of the benefits of the program
  • Developing a partnership with a horse is documented to relieve anxiety such as PTSD. The rhythmic patterns of grooming and handling horses will also help lower stress and anxiety.

  • Dramatic drop in suicide rate
  • Less domestic violence and child abuse cases
  • Less self-medicating (alcohol and drug abuse which leads to crime)
  • Many clients will re-enter the work force, thereby paying taxes
  • Better equipped to re-enter society and contribute to their communities
  • Reduction in divorce cases
  • Less frequent visits to VA and Vet Center Mental Health Departments thereby reducing the waiting list and overwhelming pressure on these Government Facilities
  • To have a proven modality and methodology that significantly advances the recovery process


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