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 Around 5.9-22% of first responders end up being diagnosed with Psychological trauma. Side effects and impacts from this can be physical, mental, or behavioral. This job field is high risk, with the daily exposure of severe incidents. Psychological trauma is a person’s physical and psychological response to experiencing, witnessing, or being confronted with events(s) that involve actual or threatened death, serious injury, or threats to the physical integrity of the self or others that result in intense fear of helplessness.  *


First Responder Programs






Our First Responder Programs help our heroes connect with horses and nature to take them away from their daily stresses.  This gives first responders time to reflect and perform mental self-care.  


Our therapeutic classes give them the energy to return to work invigorated, ready to heal, support, and protect our communities.    

*Flannery, Raymond B. (1 June 2015). "Treating Psychological Trauma in First Responders: A Multi-Modal Paradigm". Psychiatric Quarterly. pp. 261–267. doi:10.1007/s11126-014-9329-z. Retrieved 22 February 2021.

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