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The Walk of Founders is designed as a lovely addition to the farm and will showcase bricks permanently engraved with names of families, memorials for fallen soldiers or in memory of a veteran, friend, or companion.  These lasting epitaphs, along with a large Veterans Memorial is envisioned as a place of pride for the community.  The Walk of Founders will forever commemorate the community spirit and generosity of all those who support our fundamental goal of improving lives.


The sponsors campaign is designed as an eternal fundraiser allowing individuals, organizations and corporate sponsors an opportunity to support the very foundation of our programs. 


Each level of donation goes toward the ongoing needs of the horses and program equipment.

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Program Pillars -     BARN, STALL & ARENA


Every little bit helps.  Whether you make a small online contribution or support us at our charity events.  We appreciate every penny and so do the people that our programs benefit.


THANK YOU!  From the bottom of our hearts.



100% proceeds to the charity!

Dear Donor,

I'm sure you are aware of the important role that The Caring Corral plays in helping people whose lives are impacted by Post Traumatic Stress, or are At Risk of becoming a drop out or worse.  This important work is supported largely by the support of generous donors who contribute to our cause. Every dollar contributed goes toward our programs.  It is these donations which will allow The Caring Corral to continue providing much needed services to those in our community who require assistance. Without the continued support of generous donors like you, these needs will likely go unmet.

Can we count on you to make a donation to this important cause?

By making a tax deductible donation to The Caring Corral, you'll be directly contributing to people struggling to cope with day to day life.

The Caring Corral is depending on your assistance and generosity.  Please pledge your support by clicking the donate button, and make your contribution today.  Please be assured that your gift will be put to good use to provide help to individuals in need.


Thank you for your consideration and continued support.


Kind regards,


The Caring Corral Team

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