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contributors and SPONSORS


There are 3 specific areas of need to help The Caring Corral deliver quality programs to Post-war Veterans, Youth and Disabled individuals.  


Program Sponsors:  We deliver our programs free of charge to all participants.  We seek funding only to cover our operational costs; including training, handicap equipment,  professional staff and insurance.  


Buy a Brick Campaign:  This is our Building Campaign.  The Caring Corral's goal is to purchase a property where our vision comes full circle and we are holding daily classes with a full staff ready to serve the population of those in need of our services.  We are currently leasing space and although it works for us today, we know that the only way for us to continue to grow is to take this necessary step.  We have an overall goal to raise $1,000,000 in the next 5 years to purchase and build a facility that will meet all of our program needs.  


Stall Sponsors:    A stall sponsorship helps to cover costs associated with care for the horses, including Veterinarian and Farrier Services, appropriate tack and safety equipment, horse feed and supplies. 

Give us a call to get started today:   1-866-746-3227


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