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Horticultural Therapy


gardening with a Purpose

Horticultural therapy is beneficial to everyone from school-aged children to the ill and elderly.  Horticultural Therapy has been documented to provide an outlet to improve socialization and motor skills.   At The Caring Corral we focus on the vocational aspects of Horticultural Therapy where skills are transferred to the program participant in support of their re-entry into a meaningful part of the community.

  • Each participant is prescreened and given an extensive vocational evaluation.

  • Participants’ progress is tracked through an extensive competencies list, based on ability to demonstrate employment skills.

Participants begin participation in a structured, year-round horticultural training program. The horticultural program offers instruction on the growing and caring of plants and gives clients the opportunity to further develop these skills by participating in garden design and planting projects for local businesses and residences. The program provides skills training and insight into Participants’ work tolerances, mobility, stamina, interpersonal skills and preferred learning style. 

  • Participants who have demonstrated the ability to re-enter the workforce will undergo curriculum-based, pre-employment classes. 

  • Clients who have displayed work-ready characteristics will transition into the placement-ready phase.

  • Follow-up support, advocacy and contact are continuously given to the employed client.


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