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Equine training



cowboy up...

Our primary goal for Veterans, Disabled and At Risk Individuals is to see them transition to a productive life with the assistance of an equine partner.   

  • Each participant is prescreened and given an extensive vocational evaluation.

  • Participant’s progress is tracked through an extensive competencies list, based on ability to demonstrate employment skills.

  • Our vocational program is organized into three phases. Participants begin in phase one which focuses on using horses for therapy and teaching basic job skills.

  • Once participants have mastered job skills set forth in a detailed curriculum that reviews basic horse care, feeding, veterinary needs, tack and emergency preparedness, they are free to move on to phase two.

  • Phase two of the program pairs them with an internship in the community.

  • Participants who have displayed work-ready characteristics will transition into the placement-ready phase.

  • Follow-up support, advocacy and contact are continuously given to the employed client.


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