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Walk of Founders...
The Caring Corral is offering an amazing opportunity for the community to get involved in support of the work that is being done with at risk individuals here in the area. The only way for us to grow is to open our vision and our doors to the community. The Walk of Founders has been designed as a lovely addition to the property and will showcase bricks permanently engraved with names of families, memorials for fallen soldiers or in memory of a veteran, friend, or companion. These lasting epitaphs, along with a large Veterans Memorial is envisioned as a place of pride for the community. The Walk of Founders will forever commemorate the community spirit and generosity of all those who support our Military Veterans.

Commitment to Sponsors...

We value our partnerships with major corporate and individual donors and will serve as good stewards of your generous investment. We are committed to delivering valuable benefits and a positive partnership experience to each of our sponsors.


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